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Ironhorse Roman is a 9th degree Black Belt in Ed Parker's American Kenpo. He is 10th Degree~Founder and Creator of IronHorse/the Red Warrior. For more information on his Martial Arts Home Study/Distant Programs click this link.



Ironhorse Writing Journey

In 2000 Ironhorse decided he wanted to author a book. He began writing feverishly about a subject matter that he had some insight.  His sons suffered with the disease of alcoholism and their daily battles had taken a tremendous toll on them and close family members. Ironhorse had lost two siblings to alcoholism and knew the disease was deeply embedded in Indian people throughout Indian Country. The novel "Cat Daddy, the Beginning" was 3/4 finished when he hit a wall years ago and was not able to finished the book. The death of his oldest son prevented this work from being finished. It has been 3.5 years since his death and Ironhorse  is back at work writing the last 10 chapters to finishing this project. 

He published a small book on practical self-defense for those who do not wish to study in a martial arts school. The book is called "The Apprentice Warrior" and is available on Barns & Noble,

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Four years ago another subject matter inspired me to begin writing again. I wrote the opening intro for my new project:

I had participated in an American Indian Ceremonial sweat last weekend and experienced a vision, so I thought. For some reason I felt a need to attend my mother’s church on this particular weekend. My vision was a strange one, if in fact that’s what it was. In my vision, I saw an ancient Roman Solider and an American Indian Warrior riding on horseback side by side on a mountain top. Then I saw a herd of buffalo in a valley surrounded by lush woodland mountains. Leading the herd is a magnificent white buffalo. The Sacred White Buffalo is significant among American Indian culture. Were the two warriors on a buffalo hunt together? In my vision, I noticed red streaks down the side of the body of the White Buffalo. Had the White Buffalo been wounded? This alone would have been a tragedy for the birth of a white buffalo happens once in a lifetime. Then my vision faded away. John Wilkerson TallBear

I begin to feel like the words were being channeled to me. I would have vivid dreams and in the middle of the night I would get out of bed and write.  I knew I was writing good material, however I knew I was not this good of a writer. I was writing over my head. I ask myself where was this information and the message coming from? Shilombish (Ghost), the spirits were speaking to me from long ago. They were angry and wanted justice for the crimes against our people. "The Invisible Tribe" tells the ugly story.   


This time Ironhorse/Adrian has some success and finished his first novel. The Invisible Tribe a murder, mystery, involving Indian casinos. Tribes are operating their casinos like the "white man" would. They have total disregard for their Native People who have nothing and continue to struggle in this difficult time. This book incorporates the ancient ways of Indian from long ago. If you like John Grisham novels, you'll enjoy reading The Invisible Tribe. the book is available at Barns & Noble, and Kindle.  Read Chapter One the Invisible Tribe 

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 NEW NOVEL; 'Ironhorse, the Medicine Man' is finished and now being edited.  The lead character is an American Indian name John Wilkerson TallBear. He and a mysterious medicine man from Oklahoma name IronHorse team up for the sequel.  Plans are to have it available in the fall of 2014. Read Chapter One & Two of Ironhorse, the Medicine Man Free

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 Ironhorse Roman was born at an Indian Hospital in Talihina, Oklahoma.  He is 4/4 Choctaw Indian and has a  Certificate Degree of Indian Blood (CDIB card) issued by the Bureau of Indian Affairs. The card is authenticated from the Dawes Roll numbers.  CDIB cards are no longer available as of July 2011. He attended elementary and high school in Kiowa, Oklahoma until the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) relocated his family to Dallas, Texas.  During his formative years in Kiowa he was given the name Chief. He was a  gifted athlete, excelled in basketball, baseball, track and boxing. It was during these early years that the Chief began to appreciate and experiment with the art of self-defense. His was the only Indian family in town and at the time, prejudice was still very much alive in Oklahoma.  The Chief was forced to grow up fighting for mere survival.

As an accomplished boxer by the time he was in the sixth grade, his skill level was such that he soon ran out of sparring partners for his age and weight class. His only option was to spar with the high school boys who were bigger, faster and stronger. Being outclassed night after night, the Chief realized he would have to make some adjustments in his fighting tactics, because he would not succumb to defeat; the Chief does not know the word quit.

As the Chief continued his quest for manhood and acceptance, he realized that speed and agility in delivering rapid-fire strikes (fists and feet) were a better approach against bigger and stronger opponents than just mere determination.  The Chief began to implement a new approach in his street fighting, which unfortunately, was forced upon him almost daily.  It was not long before the Chief’s attackers were no match for his ever-developing skills.  These childhood experiences, even though at the time the Chief did not realize it, were the roots of his martial arts training. 

. After finishing high school and a tour in the United States Air Force, the Chief discovered American Kenpo. The course was being taught by one of Grandmaster Ed Parker’s top Black Belts. Parker, the Father of American Kenpo, is considered by many to be the Father of Karate in the United States. The Chief was later able to train under Grand Master Parker through the seminar circuit, and would receive his 5th Degree Black Belt from Ed Parker in October 1990. With the unfortunate death of Grandmaster Parker in 1990, and with no new Parker material available, the Chief decided that it was time to begin a new chapter in his approach to the martial arts.

In 1995, the Chief began training under another legend, Grandmaster Remy Presas, the Father of Modern Arnis.  Grandmaster Presas eventually offered to make the Chief his protégée in which he would assume the leadership of Modern Arnis after Remy retired.  However, the Chief respectfully declined the offer to take over the Modern Arnis system, for he was on a journey of his own to resurrect his Native system of IronHorse, the Red Warrior. 

The support of both Ed Parker and Remy Presas enabled the Chief to be creative in his study of the martial arts, and their encouragement helped the Chief resurrect the fighting arts of his Native American ancestors. It was the catalyst for putting the Chief on the path of his new journey into the martial arts, drawing upon the Native American Fighting Arts and as a result, the Red Warrior martial arts system was born. The last and final version is simply called IronHorse~the Red Warrior.   


In May 2000, the Chief was inducted into the Texas Martial Arts Hall of Fame for his achievement in the martial arts.  In August 2003, the prestigious International Martial Arts Head Founders and Grandmasters Council awarded the Chief with the rank of Soke/Founder/Grandmaster, 10th degree. The certificate is signed by the council's Soke Dr. Dan Netherland, and nine other renowned Grandmasters.


Black Belt Magazine Dec 2004 issue showcased and acknowledge Chief and his Red Warrior/Ironhorse system in a 6 page article. It's the first time that a premiere magazine acknowledge that Americans Indians had a system of their own. He is considered to be the Last Descendent of American Indian Warrior Ways.  

The Chief has worked on the hit television series “Walker, Texas Ranger”. He is a songwriter of a tune called TallBear and new author. His first  book "The Apprentice Warrior" is  about practical self-defense for the beginner. His latest novel "The Invisible Tribe" is now available. He has just finished the sequel, a suspense novel "Iron Horse, the Medicine Man" about the discrepancy and injustices within all the Indian Tribes that have casinos. He is an avid golfer and carries a 9 handicap. Today, the Chief splits his time living in Southern California and Dallas, TX, He offers personal instruction in  American Kenpo (Ed Parker System) and Ironhorse ~ the Red Warrior.

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