The Invisible Tribe

A Novel by Adrian Roman


The Invisible Tribe is a fictional book about how the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma has ignored it people with substantial blood. The Choctaw Nation and Chief have turned it back on the Indian philosophy and ancient’s way of our people. The Nation has adopted the “white man” way of doing business ignores the little people. Corruption and greed for more money and how to accumulate great wealth is the order of the day. This is a story about how the casino money has turned all the “white Choctaw” into greedy Indians.

The Invisible Tribe tells about the tragic journey of a small group of full blood Choctaw Indians who began to feel discriminated against and outcast within their own tribe. They began to unite small Indian churches and their members to form an underground movement to create a new full blood tribe. The mission of this organization Chahta Amoma Atokoli (Choctaw full bloods) is to get their new tribe federal recognized.

They select a leader, John Wilkerson Tall Bear and their journey begins. Thru events and murders of some of their members they march on the Choctaw Caption and take the Chief of the Choctaw hostage. Misdeeds are discovered and the current Chief of the Choctaw Nation falls from grace.

Through events he orchestrates Tall Bear along with a trusted friend and a pretty half Indian Senator name Rachel Jim, he becomes Chief of the Choctaws. The 200,000 member tribe is reduced to 18,000 members by installing a higher blood quantum requirement to become a member. He begins taking care of his people where the former Chief looks the other way. For the first time member began receiving dividends checks from the casino money.

Chief John Wilkerson Tall Bear survives an attempted assassination by the hand of the former Chief and his corrupt politician friend, the Indian Senator James Cody. They are eventually charged with attempted murder and murder in the first degree.
Through ceremonial sweats, a mystical visitor from the past helps John Wilkerson Tall Bear begins to instill the ancient ways and honor back into the modern day tribe of Choctaw Indians.