Native American Author Adrian Roman

Friends, A newly revised ‘The Invisible Tribe’ Originally published in 2012, the second edition is available in paperback NOW.


My editor, Pat Wick offers this preview:

Last weekend at a pow wow, after dancing the ghost dance, I joined a ceremonial sweat and had a strange vision. An ancient Roman soldier and an American Indian warrior on horseback rode down a mountain side by side. The valley below, surrounded by lush woodland, was filled with buffalo. The herd’s leader, a magnificent sacred white buffalo, had a red-streaked flank. A white wolf stalked behind. The vision faded, but I felt compelled to visit my mother’s church.
“The Invisible Tribe is a modern murder/mystery/thriller set in the Choctaw Nation. The people choose martial arts master John Wilkerson Tall Bear to lead their fight against systemic racism, governmental corruption and the sinister villain Steppenwolf. Rooted in Durant, Oklahoma, the battle extends from Talihina in the north to Dallas in the south and touches countless small towns in-between.

The action, political intrigue and surprising plot twists of the original have been streamlined for a more engaging read. Lively characters and realistic dialogue promote Native identity as a means to survive and thrive. As it champions Choctaw full bloods and their ancestors, The Invisible Tribe urges future generations to find worth in a more simple way of life.”

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FB friends, my father Adrian Roman’s sequel and 2nd novel Ironhorse, the Medicine Man is finished and ready for the printers. It is available to purchase in PDF form for $2.95 to load on your reader.

Below is a synopsis I have written. Reagan Lee Roman 

‘IronHorse the Medicine Man continues TallBear’s native warrior saga. An epic narrative parallels the protagonist’s identity quest with American Indian struggles against U.S. power brokers. 

John TallBear, former Chief of the Choctaw, moves to California and spends semi-retirement bonding with his granddaughter, golfing, and writing a fiction novel.

He’s drawn back to the world of tribal politics when federal neglect and a harsh winter threaten the Lakota of Pine Ridge, South Dakota. An unprecedented national summit of American Indian leaders requires TallBear’s expertise.

He recruits a crack team to combat genocide, government corruption, ecologic rape, etc., while uniting fragmented interests to rehabilitate and educate Native Peoples.

The stakes become personal when TallBear’s enemies conspire to attack his loved ones. Gripping action sequences and a high-speed mountain chase yield partial clues, but further mysteries will only be revealed in an ethereal realm.

IronHorse never derails; locomotive conversations, electronic media reports, and messages from ancestral spirits keep it on track. He rises to unprecedented power and delivers a shocking request. This is a brief, focused synopsis of the book. Well played!

 I’m so proud of you! Your tenacity And Courage inspires me consistently.’

~ I love you Dad. RLR

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