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Body by IronHorse: The concept and philosophy use by Choctaw Adrian IronHorse Roman is not new. In fact, it’s been practice by our Native ancestors for 10,000 years. The cornerstone is what we call ‘fight or flight’ philosophy in concert with ‘Hunter/Gatherer’, collecting and eating foods for nourishment and energy. When Natives hunted big game or fought with enemies, they burned huge amounts of calories, therefore they were able to maintain a lean, strong and, healthy bodies.

Today, we associate this with High Intensity Training. We now know by medical science how this extreme activity act on the body. The pain (lactic acid buildup) you  feel when you push a muscle to the limit or failure, creates microscopic tears in the muscle. This is the soreness you feel after a 15 minute workout and it’s a good thing. Cellular repair generally takes seven days, give or take a day, and the muscle is larger and stronger.

Whenever you strengthen your core muscles, you are able to lift more weight thus burn more calories and tighten up your overall appearance. MORE TO COME


Lets consider two hypothetical individuals working out: One is going to perform steady-state, low-intensity walking/running five days a week. The other is going to preform high-intensity training by weight lifting 15 minutes once a week.

The individual who performs high-intensity training will be the one who gets the benefit of glycogen depletion and reloading of muscles. When the body needs a quick boost of energy or when the body isn’t getting glucose from food, glycogen is broken down to release glucose into the bloodstream to be used as fuel for the muscle cells.

While the one performing the lower-intensity, more frequent steady-state work is at far greater risk for cardiovascular disease, particularly conditions resulting from increased cholesterol levels. Not only is he never emptying his muscles completely of glycogen (in the pursuit, he believes, of improving his cardiovascular health), but also, because he is not using his muscles at a high enough level of effort, they will, as studies have shown, begin to atrophy. Therefore the glycogen-storing capacity of these muscles will diminish with each successive week that he engages in his low-intensity steady-state activity. Thus, lowering the level at which a cell becomes “full” of glucose, and the bloodstream begins moving the superfluous glucose to fat storage, thus hastening a process that could lead to coronary artery disease.

Now, his glycogen-storing capacity is also reduced, so that the point at which his muscles become completely full of glycogen and, therefore, the point at which he will develop insulin resistance, will now potentially come sooner. This is particularly true if he experiences a loss of muscle mass, which low-intensity, steady-state activity can perpetuate.

There is an assumption that low-intensity exercise is necessary for fat burning and also it can burn more fat than high-intensity exercise. Not True! The reality is no exercise, per se, burns a lot of bodyfat. The average person weighs 150 pounds burns roughly 100 calories per mile, whether they walk or run. Since there are 3,500 calories in a pound of bodyfat, it would be necessary to run or jog thirty-five miles to burn one pound of bodyfat. While both low and high intensity physical activity burn calories, high-intensity exercise does something that is highly important that it’s counterpart does not: it activates hormone sensitive lipase. If you are pre-diabetic or have diabetes, this is huge.

When we’re mobilizing glycogen out of a cell during high-intensity exercise, we’re also able to activate hormone-sensitive lipase, which permits the mobilization of bodyfat. If insulin levels are high, even in the face of a calorie deficit, hormone-sensitive lipase will be inhibited, and mobilizing fat out of the adipocytes also known as lipocytes and fat cells,will become essentially impossible. This may explain why people who diet and take up either walking or jogging often find it difficult to lose much in the way of bodyfat.

There are ways of getting around this predicament, however, one of which is by controlling insulin levels adequately such that serum insulin levels remain low. In this way, hormone-sensitive lipase is easier to activate, making mobilized bodyfat the body’s preferred primary energy source over other sources. This state can be achieved through a diet that is moderately restricted in carbohydrates, and one will have more dietary latitude by preforming in concert with high-intensity exercise. That’s because in the face of high-intensity exercise, hormone sensitive lipase is operating under an amplification cascade similar to that which occurs with glycogen mobilization.

During the same time that glycogen synthesis is being inhibited, so too, is fat synthesis being inhibited while fat is being cleaved. So, you’re operating both on unplugging the drain and on turning off the faucet, so to speak; you’re inhibiting fat synthesis while your mobilize fat, in the same way that you inhibiting fat synthesis while you mobilize fat, in the someway that you inhibited any glycogen synthesis while you were mobilizing glycogen. Both of these conditions occur under the event of high-intensity exercise, mediated via adrenaline through an amplification cascade, which magnifies the effect.

Summary: Men & women will reap benefits by High-Intensity Exercise. It’s proven that your muscles will become larger, stronger and your overall body will become leaner. A huge plus for women who keep their insulin level low, are able to activate more hormone sensitive lipase to burn more body fat as it’s primary source of energy. Most importantly High-Intensity Training can keep Diabetes in check and even cure the disease.

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