American Kenpo

GM Roman offers Black Belt credentials to  those of you who trained in various forms of martial arts and never received rank. Perhaps you studied Kenpo Karate, TKD  and others systems and for some reason, not of you’re making, never received your Black Belt certificate. I will take that into consideration and offer this certificate to those wanting to complete your journey up thru 10th degree rank if desired.


The 8.5×11 certificate is $500

The larger 11×17 Professional School owner certificate is $750 

Let’s be clear; you are not buying rank. I am a Native American martial arts elder and you are gifting and supporting me in exchange of  knowledge and material like many couture do. Many of you are fathers, that wish to share your knowledge with your children. Fathers and children are able to bond again by doing something together. Fathers know this added knowledge will prepare their child with an edge in school, work place and social life. Last but not least, material that might save their life. We all know when situations come up in life and there is no man; You be the Man/Woman.



Smart people know it takes 4 years to 5 years and over $5000 spent to achieve 1st degree black belt level and even then, it’s not guarantee. This new rank will allow you to continue your journey in the Martial Arts and begin teaching others and make money if that’s your desire. 

This program does not include DVD’s of the techniques. All this material is available on YouTube with various instructor teaching.  However if you supply me with a email address, I will send a word doc of all the techniques from yellow thru Black.


‘The Fabulous Five’

Master Regan Lee Roman & Master Adrienne Roman 2nd and 3rd from left. 

GM Chieftain Adrian Roman is one of the last and oldest Grandmasters (81) to have known SGM Edmond K. Parker as a friend, trained with him on the mat and enjoyed a long association.

Contact him if you wish rank above 1st degree.



As Akmochi/Chieftain of my Red Warrior System and 9th degree in American Kenpo, I can award any Black Belt Level and a Grandmaster title through my association. Native American Kenpo Council is one of the oldest Kenpo association. 



Black Belt Magazine Dec issue 2004 featured a 6 page article about Chieftain Adrian Roman and his Native Knife System; Red Warrior. 214-728-6080   to purchase