IronHorse the Medicine Man

It is already dark, and a woman emerges out of a wooded area east of the Sweat Lodge. The tall trees that line the creek provide a canvas. As she approaches, her image is backlit by slabs of  moonlight from a bright full moon. The low bottom area near Salamander Creek has created a lite fog. It is a little eerie seeing a beautiful woman in deerskin Indian regalia appears out of fog. Tall and slender, she moves with a quiet grace. As she glides, her athletic legs push a leather dress  adorned with magnificent beads and bone work. Her long black hair, cascades over soft shoulders and hangs down the middle of her back.

As she nears the group,  she announces, “John TallBear, my name is Tish-ah-yah-hanah and I have come to participate in your sweat. To celebrate this occasion, I have a small gift for you.” TallBear steps closer to receive it. She gently holds his hand and places a small object wrapped in very old piece of deerskin into his hands.

“Tish-ah-yah-hanah, with an entrant like that, how could I say no.  I’m honored to have your gift.” He wants to give her a hug, but is respectful and chooses not to. He unwraps the small object and is puzzles. It looks familiar, a lost boyhood treasure from 50 years ago, but he doesn’t know why. He secures it in his pocket.

Her accent is like beautiful flowers, and the special rhythm in her speech pattern is like a melody. John recognize it from the  Mississippi Choctaws. Thought to be the eldest, therefore she should enters the lodge first. Revelations Revel of past, present, the future….

excerpt from IronHorse the Medicine Man


IronHorse the Medicine novel by  American Indian writer Adrian Roman (Choctaw) is the second in the continuing Ironhorse saga. John Wilkerson Tall Bear former Chief of the Choctaws is called to action from retirement, when one bitter winter 57 men, women and, children are frozen to death on Pine Ridge Reservation. Inadequate housing with no heating is to blame.

500 nations and their Chiefs are called to attend an Indian Summit and form United Tribes Inc. John Tall Bear is chosen as its Supreme Chief. Funded by casino money and shrewd leadership United Tribes rivals Apple. Their first project is to restore the Pine Ridge third world conditions that government politician have ignored for hundreds of years. Thrust into politics by purchasing the Washington Redskins, he becomes a leader on the world stage. Now his archenemy, Steppenwolf is shadowing IronHorse. The stakes become personal when TallBear’s enemies attack his loved ones. Tense drama, gripping action, and messages from ancestral spirits make IronHorse the Medicine Man a locomotive read.

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