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Red Warrior is a control system based on absolute movement that allows the practitioner to take his opponent down to the ground. RW’s objectives are to (1) to establish a strong base, (2) Intercept, (3) Control, (4) Disarm, if there is a weapon, (5) takedown and finish out.

Red Warrior is a system that the practitioner must execute the movements with a natural flow. To be successful, one should have speed, agility, timing, rhythm, athleticism, and good hand to eye coordination. Most important is to have a healthy respect for what can happen should you engage with an opponent that has a weapon. Above all, be true to yourself to know your limitation.

You must have the ability to evaluate your opponent’s skills so that you won’t be overly matched. Remember whenever you face an adversary or any obstacle in life, THERE IS ALWAYS AN OPTION. 

Flamboyant movements are beautiful to watch like American Kenpo. However, I have found that simple basic techniques, time tested by my American Indian ancestries were best. Techniques that have sound principle are ones that you can put your trust in. “You must have the wisdom and savvy to know where the fantasy ends and the real world begin”, Chieftain Roman.

Red Warrior


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