IronHorse Red Warrior & American Kenpo

Red Warrior is a control system based on absolute movement that allows the practitioner to take his opponent down to the ground. RW’s objectives are to (1) to establish a strong base, (2) Intercept, (3) Control, (4) Disarm, if there is a weapon, (5) takedown and finish out.

Red Warrior is a system that the practitioner must execute the movements with a natural flow. To be successful, one should have speed, agility, timing, rhythm, athleticism, and good hand to eye coordination. Most important is to have a healthy respect for what can happen should you engage with an opponent that has a weapon. Above all, be true to yourself to know your limitation.

You must have the ability to evaluate your opponent’s skills so that you won’t be overly matched. Remember whenever you face an adversary or any obstacle in life, THERE IS ALWAYS AN OPTION. 

Flamboyant movements are beautiful to watch like American Kenpo. However, I have found that simple basic techniques, time tested by my American Indian ancestries were best. Techniques that have sound principle are ones that you can put your trust in. “You must have the wisdom and savvy to know where the fantasy ends and the real world begin”, Chieftain Adrian Ironhorse Roman.


The larger 11×17 1st Degree Professional School owner certificate is $500

Halito, I’m Adrian Roman now 82 and 9th Degree in American Kenpo. I’m one of the few still living who trained with SGM Parker on his seminar circuit. We had numerous dinners together and celebrated our unique culture, Hawaiian  &  American Choctaw Indian. I’m a 10th Degree Akmochi/Founder of IronHorse Red Warrior. Black Belt Magazine Dec 2004 issued, showcased my Knife philosophy’s in a 6 page article. My IronHorse Red Warrior Tushkahoma 10th Degree certificate is signed by twelve notable Grandmasters.

This Kenpo Distant Learning Program with/certificate included is perfect for those of you that trained in Kenpo, TKD and other system of Martial Arts for years: And for some reason, not of you’re making, never receiving your Black Belt certificate. I am offering this Distant Learning Program with certificate when you purchase to complete your journey. I have a web site.

Let’s be clear; you are not buying rank. I am a American Indian martial arts elder, member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma with a Certificate Degree of Indian Blood (CDIB) 4/4 Choctaw, and you are gifting and supporting me in exchange of  knowledge and material like many couture’s do. You can purchase these DLP’s 1st degree thru 5th degree  for $525 directly from me at

If you wish to purchase, I prefer payment by Zelle use my phone number 2147286080 or 

This program does not include DVD’s of the techniques. All this material is available on YouTube with various instructor teaching.  However if you supply me with a email address, I will send a word doc of all the techniques from yellow thru Black. You will be 1st generation under GM Adrian Roman & 2nd generation under Ed Parker. THIS IS HUGE. 

Master Regan Lee Roman & Master Adrienne Nicole Roman

Master Regan Lee Roman & Father 2nd from right.


Red Warrior


Python to Tecumseh








Dance of War



Red Warrior Nation 1st Degree certificate with DVD $500